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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dr's Night Out

As a part of a Blog Chain for Absolute Write the Dr's are spending a night out in a painting.
The guidelines were as follows: 

 Starting Date: Thursday September 8, 2011
Open to all forum members, even after it starts!

This month's prompt: A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

You have two choices this month: 

Option 1: Respond to the default picture. 
Write a brief response to this picture:

Option 2: Respond to your own picture.
The default not doing anything for you? Choose your own picture! You must include a link to the picture in your post. Please, no overly violent, sexual, or otherwise NSFW pictures. Let's keep this PG-13/15 certificate, okay?

Simply post in this thread to join. Each post should be less than 1000 words if possible. Read and comment on other participants' posts if you possibly can--they'll be doing the same for you!

I'll let you know in this thread when it's your turn.
Once your turn comes up, you have two days to complete your post. When you are finished, please post a link to your post on the thread so I can let the next person in line know that their turn is up. If you signed up but find yourself unable to participate or need to be moved around in the schedule, please PM me or post in the thread. If you fail to post on your blog and on the thread within two days, I'll bump you down to the end of the line on the third day; you'll get a second chance at the end of the month.

Please include a list of all participants' blogs in your blog post, and keep in mind we're not starting until the second Thursday of the month to give people time to sign up.

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Monica smiled at her co-workers Alexa and Serach, it wasn’t often they got out of the office together. The coffee shop they entering was on 1940’s standard earth and the girls were giggling over their slinky yet modest outfits. 
                “Hello ladies” the man behind the counter nodded at them, “What can I get ya?”
                “Three coffees” Alexa smiled brightly and checked out the other people at the counter.  The waiter placed three dark coffees in front of them and turned back to his work whistling.
                “ohh” Serach whispered nudging her friends with an elbow, “Look at the secret hand hold those two have.  I bet she’s married.”
                “No,” Monica countered smiling over her cup,” Bet she’s a Moll.”
                “Don’t be silly, she looks sad and he secretive.  I’m guessing he’s the married one.” Alexa said a little too loud.
                The man sitting alone at the end of the counter looked blearily over at them, “What are you nosy dames gabbing about?”     
                Monica put on her best smile,” Oh nothing, we just can’t seem to leave work at work.”
                “What do you think,” Alexa giggled quietly in her ear, “Off duty copper or drunken lay about?”
                “Alexa!” Monica hissed back.
                “Cop definitely.” Serach laughed,” Oh relax Monica, we’re only here for a minute enjoy the depth of character this artist gave his subjects.”
                “Dumb Doras” the man at the end of the bar mumbled into his drink.
                “Come on girls,” Alexa dropped some coins on the counter, “I didn’t get dressed up just to drink some coffee.  Let’s blow this gin joint and find us a Speakeasy!”
                “That was the twenties girl, this is the forties!” Serach laughed and stood up.
                “Well I’m in the mood to dance!” Alexa smiled standing dragging her friends up with her.  The three of them left the same way they came in laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  The four people in the cofee shop looked puzzled as they left but quickly put the three strangers out of their minds.


  1. Different perspective! Awesome.

    This is all telling and makes it so complete and fun:

    "The four people in the cofee shop looked puzzled as they left but quickly put the three strangers out of their minds."

    Modern day divas approach old school art and quickly are bored. :)

    Nice! I like it.

  2. I like the people watching angle. Isn't that what all writers do? :)

  3. I like the gossipy feel of the ladies watching the customers in the shop. Great job.

  4. Seems you used two pictures! We'll let it slide this time :)

    1940's standard earth implies that there's a 1940's nonstandard earth. Wonder what that's like...

  5. Nice little time travel take on the prompt. Good job!